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Coolsculpting® Fat Reduction
Coolsculpting® is an FDA-approved, non-surgical device that uses precisely controlled cooling technology to destroy and eliminate fat cells. You can reduce unwanted love handles, bra rolls, stomach fat and more!

Image When fat cells are exposed to cooling during the Coolsculpting Procedure, it triggers a process of natural removal, which gradually reduces the thickness of the fat layer. The result is a reduction in fat bulges that is visible in most patients in about 2-4 months.  Image This procedure is comfortable for most patients. No needles, anesthesia, or pain medications are needed. Each treatment gives about a 20% reduction in the fat layer so sometimes only 1 treatment is enough but depending on the size of the original bulge, you may want additional treatments of the area for maximal results.
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Exilis Ultra
Exilis Ultra treatments are the first non-invasive aesthetic device to simultaneously transmit radio frequency and ultrasound energy! Combining these energies results in a painless and safe treatment. Energy is focused to the skin surface and the fat layers beneath it. As these areas are heated, collagen strands contract and are pulled closer resulting in tighter skin. The heating also accelerates the fat cells to shrink which leads to overall circumference reduction and minimizes the appearance of cellulite. This is truly a relaxing, no-downtime procedure and treatments can be done on almost any area of the body.


TriPollar™ Skin Tightening 
This device heats the skin from within using medically proven radio-frequency (RF) energy. The internal heat causes collagen to contract and therefore tightens the appearance of the skin and reduces wrinkles. This heating also causes new collagen to be formed for long term results. Multiple treatments are required to achieve the best possible results.

Tri-Pollar Tri-Pollar Tri-Pollar Tri-Pollar Tri-Pollar CoolSculpting® and the CoolSculpting® logo are registered trademarks of ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc. Images used with permission
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